5 reasons to play golf

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In this article we see together the 5 reasons why golf is a great sport.

  1. Physical well-being: golf trains muscle elasticity and coordination, allows to keep a heart rate not too high, thus reducing the risk of heart and pressure overloads, and trains the body because it presupposes, for each game session, the possibility of walking on average for five hours, along a distance ranging from 5 to 8 km, with consequent advantages on cholesterol and blood sugar.
  2. Open air: golf allows us to spend time in the open air amidst wide spaces, green expanses, relaxing and suggestive panoramas, and to take long walks in the middle of nature in contact with the beauties of the territory. All this helps to increase the levels of energy and to reduce the state of stress, depression and anger.
  3. Good mood: it has been shown that golf increases the level of endorphins, with a positive effect on the mood and the mental state of those who practice it.
  4. Train your mind: for its playing characteristics, golf favors concentration on a goal that is technical, but also mental. It is also a practice that promotes healthy competition and teaches the value of ethics and honesty, in the field and beyond the green: it is indeed significant that in golf there is no real referee, but we rely on self-discipline and to the moral correctness of the single player, without the presence of a control from above.
  5. It is a sport for everyone: golf is a discipline that can be practiced by everyone, without any socio-economic distinction, personal data or gender. Women, men, children and even the disabled can play.

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