What does the word “Golf” mean?

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For the meaning of the term “Golf”, which we all use to indicate the sport in which, with the use of a mace, you have to hit a ball and insert it into the hole with as few steps as possible, there are several versions.

According to some currents of thought the word “Golf” derives from the Dutch term “Kolf” or more in ancient times “Kolve” which literally means “mace”.

This origin seems to have a valid foundation and certainly can not be excluded because in the Netherlands the sport of golf has always been highly appreciated and commonly practiced.

Another current of thought, on the other hand, claims that the term “Golf” first appeared in Scotland, in an official document of 1457, drafted by the Scottish parliament, in which was forbidden a game called “Goulf”, a word derived from the verb “to strike”.

This document was drafted by the parliament precisely because the game of golf was really too much appreciated and distracted the Scottish legionnaires from their duties.

The last hypothesis instead derives from an urban legend in which it seems that the word “Golf” in reality is nothing but an acronym, that is that every letter that makes up the word “Golf” is the initial of another word so that, word after word, the sequence of letters gives a meaningful phrase.

According to the most widespread theory, golf originated in Scotland, where the first playgrounds were created, the first rules and the first association, but the practice was reserved for men only.

Hence the acronym of the word Golf from the English language, “Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden” which translated into Italian means “Only for gentlemen forbidden to ladies”.

What about you? Did you already know the meaning of the word Golf?

Which current of thought do you consider more valid?

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