The look for playing Golf

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Also on the golf courses there is a type of clothing to wear.

The Golf is first of all elegance, in fact a strong point of this sport is good taste and there are rules of behavior to be maintained in the green, and one of these is clothing.

During the competitions, while in all the other sports the players wear uniforms, in golf there is not a precise uniform but there are some precise rules that affect the player’s admission in the field.

These rules are part of the Etiquette, a selection of rules that provides guidelines on how the sport of golf should be played and various rules on behavior and the figure to keep in the green.

The ideal clothing to wear in a golf match is an elegant yet comfortable look, so that the player always has freedom of movement.

The ideal look consists of a cotton polo shirt with collar and trousers, with the addition of a gilet in the winter season, for men.

While for the woman you can also wear a tank top, as long as it is not low-cut, and a skirt instead of trousers but only on the condition that it is not too short.

Even the clothing has been updated over the years and so were born technical clothing to practice the sport of golf: breathable clothing, waterproof, designed specifically to ensure the player tranquility in all weather conditions.

The proper outfit is then completed by gloves, a hat, and by one of the most important components, the shoes.

The shoes must comply with certain requirements including transmitting stability to the player and avoiding the possibility of slipping on a wet field.

If you do not know how to choose your golf shoes HERE you can find our article that will help you find the ideal shoe for you.

The looks, however, totally to be avoided in a golf course are: jeans, tracksuit, hooded sweatshirts, tank tops, strapless tops, shorts or too short skirts, low-cut shirts and shoes not suitable for the green.

These are general rules but it must be remembered that each club has its own rules to follow, so before entering a club it is advisable to consult the rules of etiquette of the club itself.

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