The Benefits of Golf

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Golf, although it may not seem like that, is a sport suitable for all age groups.

In fact, this sport combines physical and mental well-being with a moment of fun and socialization.

The game of golf is an excellent exercise for all ages: it develops coordination, concentration and helps flexibility by training all the muscles and ligaments of the body.

In addition to being a sport able to bring physical benefits, many psychic benefits can also be found in it.

Spending time outdoors, hills and green meadows, blue lakes and sand, relaxes and decreases the stress that the hectic everyday life causes.

Another of the advantages of Golf is also the prevention of the reduction of mental faculties such as attention, concentration and game strategies.

The sport of golf is an individual sport, but most of the time it is played in the company so it helps socializing, getting to know others and above all to know oneself too.

Being a calm and not dangerous sport, one never thinks about the possibility of having injuries in the field of play.

On the other hand, if it is done incorrectly, it can cause problems like back pain or inflammation of some tendons, especially the tendons of the elbow.

For this reason we advise you never to improvise and indeed, if yours is the first approach to this sport, we suggest you be followed by a professional who teaches you the right movements and we recommend you use tools, equipment and shoes suitable for practicing this sport.

Often the Golf was not considered as a real sport because of the slow and quiet times that characterize it, it was seen more as a pastime for the richest.

Instead now it has been recognized as a sport in all its parts.

In conclusion, the sport of Golf is suitable for any person at any age, even without a particular physical preparation: it helps both the body and the mind but we must never forget that it is effectively a sport and therefore should be practiced with care and awareness.

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