The 5 most infringed rules in the Golf

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As is well known, the sport of golf differs from other sports thanks to its rules and to the label that every player must have read and should respect.

In this article we see the five most infringing rules in the sport of golf.

The first rule is the respect of the label towards the other players and towards the green or: play safely, do not disturb or distract, on the green do not project their shadow on the shooting line, or move during the putting, no to slow play, and pass the group back in case of continuous slowing down, play provisional balls if you are not sure of finding the first ball, rake the used bunker and do not pass on the greens with cart or trolleys, and avoid unnecessary damage in any case .

The second rule is to position the starting tee correctly. Rule 11.4 concerns just playing outside the starting area: if not respected, two penalty shots.

The third rule concerns the sticks in the bag. Rule 4-4 says that the maximum number of clubs in a golf bag during a competition must be 14. In a stableford competition the penalty for each hole played with the sticks in excess is 2 shots, up to a maximum of 4 shots, beyond which there is the disqualification.

The fourth rule, instead, concerns the recording of scores on the score with the 6-6d golf rule which regards the incorrect recording of the score in the score. Signing and delivering a score with a lower score will result in disqualification of the player.

The fifth and last rule concerns the rule of the hint, since the sport of golf is classified as individual and not group sport, the hint in golf is defined as something “that can influence the player in the conduct of the game, in the choice of stick or on the way to make a shot “. You can not give or receive hints if not only and exclusively from your caddy, two strokes of penalty otherwise.

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