Tee Golf Shoes

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Quality and elegance in a Golf shoe are two essential aspects.

That’s why Tee Golf, thanks to the skilled craftsmen and their careful and delicate work, creates high quality golf shoes strictly handmade.

The golf shoe must have certain requirements such as waterproofing, resistance to twisting, comfort and breathability, to give the player all the support he needs without ever forgetting the wellbeing of the foot.

The Tee Golf shoes are totally designed and made in Italy, with refined materials of the highest quality, guarantee of a product of excellence known all over the world.

Tee Golf tries to satisfy the taste of every customer by offering the possibility to customize their footwear both in the color and in the sole.

The customer, in fact, can choose, from the wide choice of models that Tee Golf offers, its favorite shoe model, can then choose the colors and processing of leather to be used in making the shoe and finally choose between the rubber sole or the leather sole and spike rubber.

The end result will be the perfect shoe that the customer had in mind, respecting the chosen ideal of aesthetic with the safety of wearing a high quality shoe signed Tee Golf.

If before the problem was to find a shoe that enclosed the aesthetic beauty, comfort, safety of high performance and tightness, now with Tee Golf the problem is solved, because all the shoes are elegant, stylish and above all quality and comfort even for the most demanding players who can find everything they need in a Tee Golf shoe.

Discover all the available models of Tee Golf and choose the shoe that best suits your needs, personalizing it to have the ideal shoe for your feet.

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