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When we talk about Made in Italy we talk about quality.

And as Italians we can not but be proud of the consideration that some industrial and artisan sectors of our territory have all over the world.

According to a market study carried out “Statista” in the Made-In-Country-Index (MICI) 2017 and published by Forbes on 27/03/2017, Made in Italy is now registered in 7th place in terms of reputation among consumers all over the world.

Taking a look at the past, Made in Italy was an expression in English that Italian producers, especially from the eighties onwards, decided to spread to the purpose on the one hand to launch a process of revaluation and defense of the Italianity of the product, on the other hand to counter the falsification of Italian craft and industrial production, with particular regard to the four traditional sectors in which the Italian product has excelled and still excels: fashion, food, furniture and mechanics (automobiles, industrial design, machinery and ships) , in Italian also known as “Le quattro A”: “Abbigliamento, Agroalimentare, Arredamento e Automobili” (Clothing, Agri-food, Furniture and Cars).

And attention, when we talk about Made in Italy, we do not necessarily talk about the best-selling products in the world, purely from a numerical point of view, but we refer to a whole series of precautions, procedures, attentions, etc. that increase the quality of Italian products and make the Made in Italy brand a real brand.

The refinement of raw materials, the experience of the artisans and the creativity of the designers, the ability to combine tradition and innovation, classic and modern, the desire to direct products towards current trends, both in terms of design and technology, and much more: this is Made in Italy.

It is for this reason that we at Teegolf want to introduce our golf shoes, because we believe they are an example of excellent Italian product.

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