How to recognize a good Golf shoe

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Has the time come for you to buy the first, or next, pair of golf shoes?

In this article we will give you some tips to recognize a good Golf shoe.

First of all, to buy the ideal footwear for you it is a must to try the shoe and take a few steps to understand its fit and comfort.

It is necessary to find the ideal shoe corresponding to one’s physical characteristics.

To recognize a good shoe in the first place you can take a look at the material and the workmanship of the shoe then with the touch you can see the quality of the material with which it was produced, you can evaluate the quality of the leather as well as the quality of the sole and all the small details that make the difference on a good Golf shoe such as the seams and the inner sole.

After that there will be evidence of the shoe worn: the shoe should not tighten at any point of the foot nor hurt, rather it must have the ability to support the body and ensure maximum comfort, for this reason we always recommend take us two steps and do not try the footwear only when seated.

Another important factor to be assessed that determines the quality of a shoe is the sole, which is soft rubber or in the classic version in leather, must not show any sign of irregularity and another point to check is that the internal material of the shoe is suitable to keep the foot in any climate in the most optimal way without causing excessive perspiration or otherwise to let cold air seep out.

The choice of the sole is totally personal and everything depends on the mobility of your ankle.

In fact, if the ankle is not very stable, we recommend a soft rubber sole while in case of good stability of the ankle you can also opt for a classic leather sole.

One last point that should not be forgotten is also the weight of the shoe, in the case of a player with little stability of the ankle as well as a soft rubber sole is also recommended that the weight of the shoe is very light.

Summing up the first thing to do to recognize a good golf shoe is to notice the excellent quality of the material and then try it and find the right solution according to your physical characteristics.

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