How to choose the right Golf shoes?

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In this article we will explain how to best choose your Golf shoe.

The Golf shoe is an essential part of the outfit to wear in the Green.

Choosing the right Golf shoe is not like buying a fashionable shoe, there are various factors to consider when choosing your Golf shoe.

The ideal Golf footwear must be functional: good comfort, waterproof, breathable and must give traction, stability and support.

So in addition to aesthetics we must pay more attention to functionality and above all we must remember that for every person there is the ideal shoe, we must not consider fashion or buy a specific shoe because other people have also bought it.

There are various types of soles, starting from the material that can be rubber or leather.

For example, shoes with rubber soles are suitable for people with poor mobility of the ankle more than those with spikes and rigid rubber or leather sole.

How do you evaluate ankle mobility?

You can just do it at home too, just be seated.

Keep your shoes and sit on a chair, put the soles of your feet on the ground, spaced the knees between them so that between the two there are two clenched fists, keep the tips of the feet straight in line with the knees.

At this point check to have the weight distributed between the toe and the heel of the feet, put your arms crossed on your chest and perform an eversion and an inversion of the feet.

Repeat the gesture for 10 seconds. If in doing so you realize that you are moving your knees and hips, the right shoe for you is a model with a soft rubber sole without spikes.

Before buying your new Golf shoes make sure you have not overlooked any detail since having good shoes on your feet also means playing better!

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