Errors to avoid in the Golf

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In the last article we have listed the main rules of the Golf etiquette, in this article we will give you some advice to avoid making mistakes while playing in the green.

The first aspect that we want to highlight, which seems obvious and yet it is not, is that you must always remain silent and stationary at a distance from the player who is about to make the shot so as not to lose his attention and distract him.

Do not discuss with other players in the field, do not answer the phone (in fact it would be nice to put it in silent) and avoid having a chat with other players.

Concentration is essential in the sport of golf.

Leaving the field in the same conditions as it was found is not something to be overlooked.

It is common sense to level the green from the imprints left by the feet or the ball.

Another tip that should be followed to maintain education is not to smoke in the field, or if it is absolutely essential to smoke, bring a portable ashtray and do not leave absolutely cigarette butts scattered around the green.

Attention to clothing, we have already talked about it in another article, clothing to play golf is well indicated. Do not wear t-shirts, tank tops, too short skirts and jeans.

Another annoying point for all players is to find trolleys or bags in their path.

It is forbidden to park trolleys and bags in the starting areas or on the green as, in addition to annoying the players, they ruin the ground.

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