Curiosity: the strangest places where the golf balls ended up

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In this article we mention the funniest cases in which the golf ball ended up out of the green and ended up in strange places.


We start with the player Justin Rose who pulls his shot but the ball can not be found. Then the numerous cameras recover the flight of the same, landed incredibly on a tree, but without falling on the grass.


While in 2013 at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, Sergio Garcia found himself in a situation similar to that of Justin Rose. The Spaniard opted for a free climbing climb, then choosing to hit the damn back and with one arm, thus recovering the ball.


The most common places in which the ball often ends are the trees, or the trunks in general. Or under the bank of the bunker, in full water obstacle, in the middle of a rough.


Also to the player Rory McIlroy an unexpected happened, in fact in 2014 during the Tour Champsionship he saw the end of the flight of his ball in the pocket of a spectator!

But the strangest place where a ball went to end was certainly to Nicolas Colsaerts in 2013 at the Volvo Masters, whose tee shot ended incredibly inside a bathroom!


And have you had any incidents in which your ball ended up in some strange place?

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