Curiosities on the Golf

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In this article we will reveal the 5 most important curiosities about the sport of Golf.

  1. The first curiosity is that even if in modern times the game of Golf is defined as refined and suitable for well-to-do people, this sport was born in Scotland in the Middle Ages and was practiced as a pastime by the shepherds.
  2. Why is the surface of the golf balls pitted? Once the balls used to play Golf were made of smooth wood, but once it was found that the balls with dents went faster than the others, they started producing balls with dimples to exploit aerodynamics.
  3. In 1971, during the Apollo 14 mission, astronaut Alan Shepard Junior practiced for the first time the sport of golf on the moon, obtaining two records: the first for being the first interplanetary golfer and the second record for making the longest shot with an iron of 6.
  4. Ecological golf balls: seen the large number of balls lost in the green, the time taken to find them and the fact that they are not biodegradable had a negative impact on the environment, the University of Main has made balls from the shells of the crustaceans thus obtaining a completely ecological and biodegradable object.
  5. Longer shooting record: in 1974 at the US National Open Senior Championship, Michael Hoke Austin in Las Vegas achieved the longest shooting record because, thanks also to the wind in favor of the speed of 56 km / h, the ball flew 741 meters long.

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