Tee Golf Shoes

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Golf shoes are a fundamental part for every respectable player, quality and elegance in a Golf shoe are two essential aspects and it is vitally important that the golf shoe is very comfortable, to ensure the player the maximum safety and maximum performance in the field.

The Tee Golf shoes are totally designed and made in Italy, with top quality materials, thus guaranteeing a product of excellence known all over the world.

They are waterproof and are equipped with a system to keep the foot in good comfort without sweating or cooling too much. The material used for their production is real leather of the highest quality which is divided into calfskin, perforated calf leather and split leather.

Another point in favor of Tee Golf shoes is the sole, which can be customized: rubber sole, leather sole, leather and rubber sole and leather and spike sole.

Wearing Tee Golf golf shoes you have the confidence to wear reliable, high quality shoes and maximum comfort guaranteed by the materials used for the production of first choice and the unmistakable Made in Italy labor.

The Tee Golf shoes are produced both in the men’s and women’s versions.

There is a wide choice of colors available for each different model and all shoes are customizable, every detail of the Tee Golf footwear is meticulously treated thanks to the workforce that distinguishes the Made in Italy.

For the aesthetic factor, Tee Golf offers various models and solutions, as well as the possibility to customize your footwear with the material, color and sole you prefer.

So you just have to buy a golf shoe signed by Tee Golf to confirm their maximum comfort and quality.

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